Historically, the pouch was used to send files or several documents. Today, to make the mail more official and increase its communication impact, many people use a white envelope for sending A4 mail. More rigid, more resistant and often made of heavier paper, it looks better on arrival and so does the document it contains.

The envelope has different levels of resistance:

  • in White: more resistant and more communicative for sending voluminous documents.
  • Kraft: the most economical for sending large documents.
  • Reinforced Kraft: resistant to splitting and tearing.
  • Tyvek: maximum resistance to bursting and tearing, watertight and impermeable.

To adapt my pouch to the thickness of my documents, I have different choices of gusset sizes.

The weight

The higher the weight, the more protection my documents will have.

You want to make envelopes or pockets in a particular paper ? in a particular format ? for a particular window position ?

Contact us without further delay, we will study your needs together and offer you the solution best suited to your technical and budgetary constraints.